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  • J-type Adjustable Pipe Hanger
J-type Adjustable Pipe Hanger

J-type Adjustable Pipe Hanger

  • Product description: Adjustable Pipe Hanger

UL FM Adjustable Pipe Hanger

Size Range: 1/2" through 6" copper tube

Material: Carbon steel and felt with adhesive backing

Finish: Zinc Plated (Hot-Dip Galvanized optional)

Service: Can be suspended by hanger rod or attached to wall. “T” slot in hanger permits side bolt to be installed after installation and setting of pipe.

Maximum Temperature: 120°F


Features: The layer of felt separates the copper tubing from the steel strap for electrolytic resistance and also minimizes noise and vibration.

Components: Strap and bolt with nut – assembled.

Ordering: Specify felt hanger size, figure number and name.

Pipe Hanger

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